Block chain is an immutable digital ledger, or record, of transactions and information. This information is stored in multiple places at once, which means records can never be altered without the owner’s permission or lost.

Some the technologies we are using are:

  • Hyper-ledger Fabric framework (open source)
  • AngularJS based UI for various projects.
  • Client API Service in NodeJs

At Qarais the Block chain council will help you understand how Block chain technologies brings value proposition to Business Problems with the following service offerings:

  • Advisory services on block chain
  • Training & assessment workshops to identify use cases.
  • Implement block chain solutions
  • Maintenance of block chain applications


As an engineer or product leader with responsibility for product development, you are driven to reduce costs, accelerate product innovation, enhance product features, improve product quality and get to market faster.

  • Connected Product Usage Analysis – Analyse and benchmark product performance and usage data collected through remote connectivity with sensor-equipped products or systems to inform and improve product requirements definition, prioritisation of features, options and variants, life cycle costs, and supply chain coordination and planning.
  • Connected Product Quality Analysis – Continuously analyse field data collected through remote connectivity with sensor-equipped products or systems to improve root cause analysis and corrective actions, product quality, reliability and safety, preventative maintenance, and service.
  • Connected Software Management – Remotely identify and manage the as-maintained configuration of fielded products, systems and assets; control and automate the release of software updates and security patches by securely distributing packages of software files and instructions remotely.


Market-leading enterprises are defined by their ability to make smart, fast decisions based on the vast sea of data that they manage. Hidden in that sea are trans formative insights about your business and your customers that can help you identify new revenue streams, improve customer experiences, and reduce costs.

Solution By Qarais

We provide Data and Analytics services in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Data Management: We help companies create, manage, and disseminate data for all applications and processes. We ensure that our data management complies with the regulatory framework. Our services also include master and metadata management.
  • Data Integration, Reporting, and Visualization: With these services, companies can integrate data from various resources. This ensures that no information is missed out and companies get a holistic view of data. With proprietary tools, also helps in converting data into easy-to-interpret visual reports and dashboards.
  • Analytics, Insights, and Intelligence: We provide generic or customized services involving Big Data, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Such services help understand customer datasets to spot trends and identify opportunities for growth.


Qarais is a pioneer of sorts in Liferay, the leading open source portal framework, having done Liferay portal implementations through various stages of its evolution. We are equally comfortable with any model of developing a portal on Liferay, be it Agile, Spiral or Waterfall.

Liferay consulting services:

  • We offer consultation in three models – off-shore, onsite and a combination of off-shore & onsite, for Liferay Portal technology with FTE deployments. Our offshore team in Bangalore has all the essential elements of architecting and project managing large implementations end-to-end. We have delivered projects for clients located in the USA, Europe and the South East Asia on both, fully off-shore model as well as a combination of off-shore and onsite models successfully.
  • Our team of technology experts have successfully rescued large projects where clients requested intervention when their projects had run into bottlenecks that their existing vendors couldn’t address. On these occasions, projects that were delayed or derailed were effectively rescued and delivered to client delight. This too has been delivered on an onsite model and a combination of onsite and off-shore models.


A data science platform is a software hub around which all data science work takes place.That work usually includes integrating and exploring data from various sources, coding and building models that leverage that data, deploying those models into production, and serving up results, whether that’s through model-powered applications or reports.

You’ll want to look for a platform that offers the flexibility of open-source tools and the scalability of elastic compute resources. A quality data science platform will also leverage best practices that have been refined through decades of software engineering, such as version control. On top of that, a good data science platform will orchestrate resources with containers and easily align with any type of data architecture. The combination of these features will allow your business to centralise data science work and compete in a data-driven economy.

A data science platform with these types of features usually requires a significant investment.


In Qarais our designers, prototype engineers always have a way out to your problem and will enlighten you to newer ways to approach your mobile app development project. We know what it takes to convert your vision into reality.

Android development:

Android powers about 60% of world’s mobile market. Usually the go to platform for Asian countries. we create delightful apps for android platform.

Apple iOS Application development:

Apple is known for its beautiful design. Apps on the iOS platform need to have a stunning UI. We create enchanting application for iOS.

Cross Platform Application Development:

React Native, a cross platform application development framework is taking the world by storm. We develop beautiful applications using React Native.